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Summer Sessions Are Go!

Whilst lying in bed one evening, I was thinking about the summer holidays and how it can be a source of happiness and dread for parents.

"How do I keep them entertained for 6 weeks?"

So I am holding 2 FREE sessions over the summer where kids will lunch will be provided (thanks to a donation for this cause), no questions asked. In addition, free coffee for those sleepy mamas because sometimes its nice to drink something you didn't have to pour!

Feel free to pop along for 6 or 60 minutes to chat, connect (and moan) about surviving the summer! I want the sessions to be a safe place for all who attend regardless of background, financial circumstance, age or gender. All will be welcomed with a smile!

In order to support a fellow CIC, all profits will be donated to Diamond Hampers CIC based in Huntingdon and the amazing world they do in the area.


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