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2022 was a year of change for me which came with joy and its own set of challenges which left me feeling disheartened and contemplative. However, I feel like now is the right time...

In 2021 when I had the idea about Stay and Play, I always wanted to make it a charity; to help others and give back to this great community. Since starting the group, I have seen children develop, friendships commence and the community blossom. I believe this is the beginning of something very special.

I have many ideas crammed into my brain about stay and play. All of them are aimed at helping YOU. I seek no profit from these ventures, all profits will be put back into the CIC.

As we recommence weekly sessions, let me know what works and doesn't work. I will be collaborating with and supporting local businesses and organisations; bringing them to the area so you don't have to go further afield. I will also be seeking funding so I can do more for those who need a bit of a helping hand.

Feel free to subscribe to this page and tell others about it!


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